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This series signal generator function/arbitrary waveform generators  can generate accurate, stable, clean, low distortion signals.



*Frequency of the mode: 0.1Hz—2MHz/ 5MHz/ 10MHz/15MHz

*Output waveform: Sine, Triangle, Square, ramp ±Pulse

*TTL/CMOS and OUTPUT synchronous output

*Less than 1% distortion at 10Hz– 100 KHz

*Less than 0.5dB frequency response at 0.1Hz— 100 KHz

*1Hz—30MHz frequency counter


specifications L-W1641 LW-1642 LW-1643 LW-1645
Frequency 0.1Hz-2MHz 0.1Hz-5MHz 0.1Hz-10MHz 0.1Hz-15MHz
Output waveforms Sine, triangle,square, positive and negative pulse, positive and negative ramp
Output impedance 50ohm±10%
Amplitude Not less than 50Vp-p (open circuit)
DC voltage 0~±10V continuously adjustable
Symmetry range 90:10–10:90
Rising edge of square Less than 100ns Less than 50ns Less than 35ns Less than 35ns
Sine characteristic
Distortion Less than 1% at 10H-100KHz
Frequency response 0.1Hz~100MHz: ≤± 0.5dB100 KHz-5MHz ≤±1dB (LW-1642)100KHz~2MHz: ≤±1dB (LW1641)
TTL/CMOS output
Level Level: TTL low level less than 0.4V in pulse wave, high level less than 3.5V,CMOS low less tan 0.5V in pulse wave, high level 5V–14V  continuously variable.
Rising time Less than 100ns
VCF input
Output voltage -5V~0V±10
Max.volt-controlled 1000:1
Input signal DC-1KHz
Frequency counter  
Measuring range 1Hz~10MHz≥10Vp-p
Input impedance Not less than 1Mohm/20F
Sensitivity 100mVrms
Max. Input 150V(AC+DC)
Input attenuation 20dB
AccuracyLine power Less than 0.003%±1 digit220V/110V±10%    50Hz/60Hz
Dimension (mm) 270*225*90
Weight (kg) N.W. About 2.5


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