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The AC Power Source series is single-phase output model which has various output range from 500VA to 6kVA, it has high resolution & stability, full protection functions, variable frequency range and easy operation-panel. It’s widely used as a simulated AC input for equipment or home appliance testing



Model LW-2000W
Capacity 2KVA
Output current limit L: 18A
H: 9A
Size 520X420X585(mm)
Input voltage Single phrase 220V±10%/ 50Hz±5Hz
Output voltage Low: 0-150V
High: 0-300V
Output frequency 45-70/50/60/100/200/400Hz
Voltage stability ≤1%
Frequency stability ≤0.01%
Load stability ≤0.5%
Waveform distortion ≤2%@Pure resistance under the load test
Efficiency ≥85%@under full load test
Protection function Over voltage, over current, over load, over temperature protection and warning device
Display 4 digital LED for the voltage, current, power, frequency
Cooling way Forced cooling
Working condition Temperature -10-40℃  humidity<90%


Model Capacity Output current limit Size
LW-500W 500 VA 2.3~4.5A 520X420X585(mm)
LW-1000W 1 KVA 4.5~9A 520X420X585(mm)
LW-2000W 2 KVA 9~18A 520X420X585(mm)
LW-3000W 3 KVA 14~28A 520X420X585(mm)
LW-5000W 5 KVA 23~46A 520X420X585(mm)
LW-6000W 6 KVA 27~54A 520X420X585(mm)


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