LW-2670A Power up Back side Packaged




Withstand voltage tester is the effective and direct way to test insulation strength for electric equipments. It check dangerous flaws and make sure electric equipment continuous working. It typically used to test insulation strength for all kinds of electrical equipments, components like capacitors, insulation materials.



*High voltage,low current ,high precision

*Leakage current,test time,continuous set arbitrary,strong adaptability

*Can manual or remote control test

*At the same time show the actual measured values (voltage, current, time)

*High pressure breakdown protection, sound and light alarm, safe and reliable

*Easy to operation, suitable for use in production line

*DC output may test capacitor, high-voltage silicon stack, transistor reverse voltage, multi-usage



Specification Name Ac withstand voltage tester Ac/dc withstand voltage tester
Model LW-2670A LW-2672
Test voltage AC:0~5(KV) AC/DC:0~5(KV)
Voltage precision ≤±5%
Leakage current range AC:0~20(mA)/0~20(mA) two class /DC:0~20(mA)
Leakage current error ≤±5%
Output waveform 50Hz sine waveform
Time control 1s~99s/continuously setting and manual
Transformer capacity 500VA
Display mode Digital
Test criterion Pass/reject unqualified audible and visual alarm
Condition Relative temperature≤90RH,environment temperature0~40℃
Power Static power<30VA
Weight (kg) About 12
Dimension (mm) 350*135*280