LW-2677F Power up Back side Packaged



The testers are suitable for testing insulation electric resistance such as insulant materials, transformers, switchgear, wires, rotating machinery, electrical apparatus. It has the characters of digital display, huge output power, the stong load and the anti-interference ability, good stability, small size and light weight.



Specification Name Insulation resistance tester
  Model LW-2677F
Test voltage DC:500V/1000V
Resistance measurement range 500V Class:1MΩ~1000MΩ
1000V Class:2MΩ~2000MΩ
Test precision ≤±5% ± 5counts
Time control 1s~99s/continuously setting and manual
Display mode digital
Condition Relative temperature≤75RH,environment temperature0~40℃
Weight About 1.8kg
Size (WxHxD) 140mmx192mmx220mm
Power AC  220V±10%  50Hz±5%