LW-2678 Power up Back side Packaged




It is used for all kinds of grounding setting resistance measurement of electric power, communication, railway and industrial and mining enterprise, meantime, also can test the soil resistance and ground voltage, power frequency has the strong interference ability, high accuracy, no need hand regulation. It has the small volume, lighting weight and portable.



*High measuring accuracy, high speed, easy to use, especially suitable for using in laboratory and automatic testing line 
*Test current AC / 5 ~ 30 (a),  resistance Ω (0 ~ 600 m),  time (1 ~ 99 s) shows at the same time;
*Test time can be arbitrary setted;
*Test alarm value can be arbitrary set up 
*Pass/fail sound and light alarm;



 Parameter  Name  Ground resistance tester
Model  LW-2678
Output current  AC:5~30(A)
Current accuracy  ≤±5% ±5counts
Resistance testing range 0~200mΩ(25A) / 600mΩ(10A)
Alarm resistance value 0~200mΩ / 600(mΩ) Continuous setting
Measuring error ≤±5% ±5counts
Test voltage  10V MAX
Isolation transformer Capacity 300VA
Time control  1s~99s / Continuous setting and manual
Display mode Digital display
Test distinction Pass/failed, failed visual alarm 
Work Environmental Relative humidity≤ 75% RH  ambient temperature:0 ~ 40 ℃ 
Weight  about12kg
Dimension (W×H×D) 350mm×130mm×280mm
Input voltage  AC 220V±10% 50Hz±5%