LW-2811C Power up Backside Accessories




LW-2811C Digital LCR Meter : 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz±0.02%



*Base on single micro-processor, using advanced 5 ports techniques and micro-processor corrected errors.

*Impact protection, locking range and special zeroing function.

*Easy operation, high stability, suitable for testing production field.



Measuring parameters:L ,C, R ,Q, D

Measuring frequency: LW2811C:100Hz,1KHz,10KHz±0.02%

Measuring range

Parameters Frequency Measuring range
L 100Hz 1μH~9999H
1KHz 0.1μH~999.9H
10KHz 0.01μH~99.99H
C 100Hz 1pF~9999μF
1KHz 0.1pF~999.9μF
10KHz 0.1pF~99.99μF
R   0.1Ω~99.99MΩ
Q   0.001~9999
D   0.0001~9.999


Measuring accuracy

Parameters Frequency Measuring accuracy
L 100Hz ±[1μH+0.25%(1+L/200H+2mH/L)](1+1/Q)
1KHz ±[0.1μH+0.25%(1+L/200H+0.2mH/L)](1+1/Q)
10KHz ±[0.01μH+0.5%(1+L/10H+0.04mH/L)](1+1/Q)
C 100Hz ±[1pF+0.25%(1+1000pF/Cx+Cx/1000μF)](1+Dx)
1KHz ±[0.1pF+0.25%(1+100pF/Cx+Cx/100μF)](1+Dx)
10KHz ±[0.01pF+0.5%(1+20pF/Cx+Cx/4μF)](1+Dx)
R   ±[1mΩ+0.25%(1+R/2MΩ+2Ω/R)](1+Q)
Q 100Hz, 1KHz ±[0.020+0.15(Qx+1/Qx)%]
10KHz ±[0.020+0.2(Qx+1/Qx)%]
D 100Hz, 1KHz ±0.0010(1+Dx2)
10KHz ±0.0015(1+Dx2)


Test signal level: 0.3Vrms±10% (Empty) @ 1 KHz

Testing speed: 4-6 times per second


Humidity: less than 85% RH

Supply voltage: Voltage:AC198V~242V   Frequency: 50Hz±5%

Power consumption: less than 30W

Volume and weight

Dimensions (mm): LW-2811C : 360×320×140

Weigh (kg): about 3.5