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Test fast, intuitive, simple and practical operation.
Features: Fast speed, intuitive, simple and practical operation.


Usage: used for all kinds of two core plug molding line, such as AC power cord, DC power cord, horn line, headphones line… Such as wire short circuit, open circuit, electrical performance test insulated wire length.
The performance parameters
Working power supply: AC220V / 50 hz
Test function: SMS, open circuit, insulation, the length of the line
Insulation resistance: 2 m Ω – 200 – m Ω six gears
Insulation test voltage: DC400V
Line length sensitivity: 15 pf


Instructions for


1, put through power supply, open the switch
2, on the basis of the measured power insulation performance, choose the corresponding gear, insulation, the insulation value of gear is not M Ω meter measuring gear, but set alarm insulating value.
3, the standard wire connection to test on the copper contact, then slowly adjust the Cable length) knob, the instructions in the position of 100% % header pointer.
4, will contact wire connection on the test of copper under test, two situations may occur
1) if the test of copper wires contact and not short sub end wire, hear sirens, short answer the end, heard intermittent chirp, illustrates the line OK.
(2) if the contact wire test copper wires and not short not end, no sirens sound, or open the wire line length measurement is not enough, if hear short chirp, the wire insulation fault or short circuit.
5, read out on M Ω table wire insulation value of the % table can say after comparing with the standard percentage