LW-7201 Power up Back side Packaged Packaged




The testers are suitable for testing insulation electric resistance such as insulant materials, transformers, switchgear, wires, rotating machinery, electrical apparatus. It has the characters of digital display, huge output power, the stong load and the anti-interference ability, good stability, small size and light weight.



*Small size ,light weight

*Provide50V~1000Vdc and 0.1MΩ~50GΩ application range

*Provide 10groups memory setting

*LCD display,test status, the be clear at a glance

*High stable dc voltage output,resistance on the lower limit set, only the police

*Provide remote PCLS control interface



Output voltage: 50-100

Voltage precision: ±(1% of setting +1 counts)From no load to full load

Voltage ripple: <2%

Resistance setting range: LW-7201:0.1~999.9mΩ,1000~9999mΩ

The resistance of resolution: 0.1mΩ/1mΩ

Delay time: 1~999.9 s

Test time: 0,0.1~999.9s(0 is continuously)

Resistance measurement accuracy: 0.1~999.9mΩ,±(2% of reading +2counts);1GΩ~10GΩ,±(5% of reading +2counts)

Other specifications:

Memory group: 10groups memory

Peripheral remote control, PLC interface:provide Pass、Fail、Processing Remote *monitoring signal and TEST. STOP contact

Security protection: Short circuit automatically cut off the output, buzzer alarm

Display: LCD display

Dimension (mm): 280*89*280