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*Complete technologies of Japanese electrical equipment and assembly with imported components ensure minimum accuracy deviation.

*Signal frequency L10Hz–1HHz, ±3%

*Wave form: Sine and square≤0.5

*Intensity of output signal: ≥10VP–P

*60dB accurate attenuate with 6 steps


Oscillation frequency *1 range:10Hz to 100Hz*10 range:100Hz to 1KHz*100 range:1KHz to 10KHz*1K range:10KHz to 100KHz*10K range:100KHz to 1MHz
Frequency accuracy +/-3%±1Hz
Output impedance 600ohm
Output attenuator 0dB, 10 dB,20 dB,30 dB,40 dB,50dB,(6 ranges for selection)(with an accuracy of +/-1dB under a load of 600ohm)
Characteristics of sine wave
Output voltage 5 to 6Vrms
Frequency response 10Hz to 1MHz:+/-0.5dB
Distortion 400Hz to 20KHz:≤0.1%100Hz to 100khZ: ≤0.3%(100Hz:*10 range)50Hz to 200KHz: ≤0.5%20H to 500KHz :≤1%

10Hz to 1KHz: ≤1.5%

Characteristics of square wave
Output voltage ≥10Vp-p
Rise/down time 0.5u S (at maximum output)
Duty ratio 45:55(1KHz, at maximum output)
Synchronizing range
Max. in voltage 15V(DC+AC speak value)
Nominal operation temperature/humidity 10 oC to 35 oC/with 85% RH)
Power supply AC220V/110V+/-10%,50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 239*140*200mm
Weight About 2.5kg


1.Signal frequency 10Hz to 1HHz

2.Wave form: Sine and square less than 0.5

3.Intensity of output signal: more10VP–P