TDM-1911 Power up Back side Packaged





Distortion measurement:

Input level: 10mN to 100Vrms

Measured frequencies: two spot frequencies at 400Hz and 1 KHz

Measuring range: 0.1% to 30% full scale in 6 ranges

Harmonic accuracy: ±0.5dB for 2 f0 to 10 KHz

Residual distortion: 70dB or more (the ratio –range being 10dB or less and the input level, 30mV or more)

Fundamental rejection: 66dB ore more at f0 ±0.5dB

Ratio accuracy: Within ±3% of full scale at 20dB

Automatic frequency

Selection: distortion factor can be measured at ±5% of the nominal turning frequency (f0 )


Level measurement

Measurement range: 100mV to 100V in 7 ranges

Frequency response

(Referring to 1 KHz):

≤±0.5dB from 20Hz to50KHz

    ≤±1dB from 20Hz to 100 KHz

Accuracy: ≤±3% of full scale (1 KHz)

Input impedance: 100KΩ

AC output voltage: Approximate 1Vrms(DC+AC)

Power requirement: 220V/110V, 50/60Hz,12VA

Dimensions (mm): 283*155*264

Weight (kg): about 4