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*Novel style, lightweight.

*Cycle cumulative measurement.

*Both importations frequency ranges: 10Hz to 1 GHz

*Highest input sensitivity: 20mVrms.

*8 high brightness LED display windows, 0 to 9 characters display simultaneously in cycle a self-test function.




Measurement methods

(1) Frequency measurement

A channel


    10Hz-10MHz (Direct count)

    10MHz-100MHz (proportion count)

Direct count: 1Hz 、10Hz、100Hz(your choice)

Proportion count: 10Hz 、100Hz、1000Hz(your choice)

Strobe time: 0.01s、0.1s、1s (your choice)

Accuracy: ±count value± base time error ×measured frequency

B channel

Nominal                   Mode TFC-2700L
Range 100MHz-2.7GHz
Resolution 100Hz,1KHz,10KHz
Strobe time 0.01s,0.1s1s
Accuracy Accuracy: ±count value± base time error ×measured frequency

Period measurement

Input: A channel

Range: 10Hz-10MHz

Resolution: 10-7s, 10 -8s, 10 -9s (your choice)

Accuracy: ±count value± base time error ×measured frequency

(3) accumulate measurement

Input: A channel

Range: 10Hz-10MHz

Accuracy: ±1 count impulse


Monitor: 0-9 characters of 8 digital pipe repeatedly shows


Input characteristics

(1) A channel

Input sensitivity:

    (10MHz) range:

        10Hz-8MHz 20mVrms

        8MHz-10MHz 30mVrms

    (100MHz) range:

        10MHz-8MHz 20mVrms

        80MHz-100MHz 30mVrms

Attenuation: ×1, ×20 fixed

Wave filtering: low pass, 100KHz、-3dB

Impedance: about 1 MΩ (<35PF)

Max. Safety voltage: 250V (DC+AC rms)

(2) B channel

Input sensitivity: 20mVrms

Impedance: about 50 Ω

Max. Safety voltage: 3V


Time base

     Time base frequency: 10MHz

    Short-term stability: ±3×10-9/s

    Long –term stability: ±2×10-5/s

    Temperature Coefficient: ±1×10-5, 00C-400C

    Line voltage: Each change ± 10%, the frequency variation ± 1 x 10-7 correspond

Power supply voltage: AC220± 10% 50Hz

Start time: 20 minutes (<25℃)

Temperature: working temperature -5℃-50℃, Storage and transportation temperature:-40℃-60℃

Humidity:Working Humidity: 10-90% RH,Storage Humidity: 5-95% RH

Dimension (mm): 230*200*75

Weight (kg) :2