1.Educational Laboratories

2.Electronic production line

3.Communications industry

4.Product research

5.All other areas need dc power supples



*Single channel output

*Digital meter show the voltage and current values

*Voltage/current adjust knob with rough and meticulous adjustable

*Constant voltage and constant current operation

*Low ripple and noise

*Affordable and easy to operate



Model No: TPR-6050D

Input Voltage: single-phase 220V±10% 50Hz or 110V±10% 60Hz

Working Conditions: -10℃ -40℃  Relative humidity: < 90%

Storage Conditions: -20℃-80℃  Relative humidity: < 80%

Constant Voltage State (CV)

Output Voltage: 0-60V adjustable

Voltage Stability

    Votage Effect: ≤ 2×10-4+ 1 mV

    Load Effect: ≤ 2×10-4+ 5 mV

    Recovery Time: <100 us (50% load change, the minimum load current 1 A)

    Ripples And Noises: ≤9 mVr.m.s.

    Temperature Coefficient: <300 PPM /℃


Constant Current State (CC)

Output Current: 0-50A adjustable

Current Stability

    Current Effect: ≤ 2×10-3+ 10 mA

    Load Effect: ≤ 2×10-3+ 15 mA

    Ripples And Noises: ≤10 mAr.m.s.


Protection: OVP

Display Accuracy:

    LED±1%+2 figures 0.1 V

    LED±1%+2 figures 0.1 A


Model Output volts (V) Output current (A) Dimension (mm)
TPR-3040D 0-30V 0-40A 450*250*520
TPR-3050D 0-30V 0-50A 450*250*520
TPR-3060D 0-30V 0-60A 450*250*520
TPR-3080D 0-30V 0-80A 450*250*520
TPR-30100D 0-30V 0-100A 450*250*520
TPR-40100D 0-40V 0-100A 530*370*550
TPR-5040D 0-50V 0-40A 450*250*520
TPR-5060D 0-50V 0-60A 450*250*520
TPR-5080D 0-50V 0-80A 530*370*550
TPR-50100D 0-50V 0-100A 530*370*550
TPR-6420D 0-64V 0-20A 415*197*152
TPR-6430D 0-64V 0-30A 450*250*520
TPR-6040D 0-64V 0-10A 450*250*520
TPR-6050D 0-60V 0-50A 450*250*520
TPR-6060D 0-60V 0-60A 530*370*550
TPR-6080D 0-60V 0-80A 530*370*550
TPR-60100D 0-60V 0-100A 530*370*550
TPR-15150D 0-15V 0-150A 530*370*550
TPR-12010D 0-120V 0-10A 415*197*152
TPR-22015D 0-220V 0-15A 530*370*550


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