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*Complete technologies of Japanese electrical equipment and assembly with imported components ensure minimum accuracy deviation.

*Dual needle, solely and tracing measurement.

*Frequency: 5Hz–1MHz.

*AC Voltage: 300uV–100V, Max. (DC+AC300V).

*dB measurement: -70dB–+40dB.

*3600revolving switch

*10Mohm input impedance.

*Internal grounding

*Observation of internal output.


Specifications TVT-322 dual channel Millivoltmeter
Measuring range Voltage:300µV-100V in 12 stepsdB:-70dB to +40dBdBm:-80 to +52dBm (10dB=1Vrms, 0dBm=0.755V)
Measuring mode traceable
Error Within 3% at 1KHz, full scale
Frequency response 5Hz~1MHz:±10%10Hz~500KHz::±5%20Hz~200KHz::±3%30Hz~100KHz::±2%Readout at 1KHz as reference
Input impedance 10Mohm:±5%, 45pF
Max input voltage 500V(DC+AC peak) (within in 3V-100V)300V(DC+AC peak)( within 300µV-1V)
Stability ±5% of full scale, at 10% variety of line voltage
Survival voltage Less than 200µV at 1mV range and short-circuit of input
Cross-talk Independent less than 80dB connecting 600ohm loadConsistent:less than 50dB connecting 600ohm load
Gain 60dB
Output voltage 0.1Vms±20% ai full scale without load
Output resistance 600ohm±20% at 1KHz
Distortion Less than 1% at full scale
Signal to noise ratio More than 30dB at 0.3mV range
Frequency response 5Hz~500KHz: within ±3%
Ambient 10℃~40℃ 85% RH
Power supply 220V/110V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension (mm) 239*140*200
Weight (kg) About 3


1.300microvolt~100V measuring voltage

2.5Hz~1MHz measuring frequency